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Why Passive Income?

Most people trade time for money. Almost every job is built on this premise. This is called ACTIVE INCOME. As long as you work you make money and when you stop working you stop making money.No one thinks that one day something might happen to them to prevent them from going to work.


Most people think it will not happen to them. Most people are in their comfort zone and don’t really think about the “what ifs” in life. What if I get into a car accident or lose my job? If you stopped working right now how long could you live the same lifestyle you are enjoying right now. A week, a month or maybe a year? Most people would starve if they stopped going to work for even a day much less a lifetime. This is WHY it is so important to think about….

Passive Income
Case Studies

In this video, I discuss some detailed examples and case studies to help you better understand how the process works.


All these examples clearly demonstrate building passive income in this manner will allow you to sleep well at night since all your money is collateralized on hard assets.

BONUS - I will show you an experiment I did with 2 small retirement accounts and how I built them from a few hundred thousand dollars to multi-million accounts!

Top 3 Ways To Build Passive Income

By now you have heard the word passive income several times and are probably asking yourself what kind of passive income is he referring to?


Well I am not talking about generating passive income through online marketing, e-commerce, blogging, writing books, dividend stocks, affiliate marketing….etc. While all these things are possible and interesting, I think by far the best place to focus your attention when building passive income are mortgage notes, private lending and rental real estate (including syndications).


I will explain the reasons why I like each of these asset classes and how the process works and finally compare the yields, upside potential, how passive and other considerations.

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