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Investing in Real Estate with Limited Capital

Real Estate Syndication

In terms of real estate, syndication is the process of bringing investors together to pool their financial resources to acquire one or more real estate assets. Essentially, the syndication is the selling and issuing of ownership interests in a partnership or trust that owns rights to a real estate asset or a portfolio of real estate assets. The investors ownership interest then gets a portion of the income produced by the asset.
Invest With The Big Boys

Syndication gives you the opportunity to invest in higher value properties that an individual could not have access to on their own due to lack of capital, knowledge, deal flow and experience. In addition, being part of a syndication reduces and often eliminates the investors (you) liability for the property.

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Numerous Benefits

100% Passive: When you invest in a syndication as a Limited Partner, you do not have to deal with tenants, toilets, and termites.

Operational Flexibility: Allows you to diversify your capital across different properties, ensuring you are not overly exposed to one deal.

Reduced Minimum Investment: You can invest small amounts of money in real estate syndication which minimizes the barrier to entry.

Tax Advantages: Some of the most common deductions are depreciation, property tax, mortgage interest, and operating expenses.

Experts do all the work: You can invest passively alongside sponsors who have bought millions of dollars in investment property.

No Debt: Most syndicated properties are bought with debt. However, in most cases the sponsors are on the hook for the debt, not you.

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