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  • Randy Rodenhouse

Passive income case studies

I will discuss some detailed examples and case studies to help you better understand how the process works. All these examples clearly demonstrate building passive income in this manner will allow you to sleep well at night since all your money is collateralized on hard assets.

I will illustrate by going through 5 case studies. Two mortgage note case studies where we did loan modifications, two small balance private loan case studies, and finally a rental income case study which resulted from a foreclosing on a note and ended up as an REO (real estate owned…sometimes referred to as bank owned).

BONUS - I will show you an experiment I did with 2 small retirement accounts and how I built them from a few hundred thousand dollars to multi-million accounts in 7 years (2013 through year end 2020)! These accounts continue to grow.

Check out this video where I discuss these 5 case studies.

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