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  • Randy Rodenhouse

Don't sell your house, seller finance your house


  1. You can sell home faster since many people in the US have poor credit score and therefore a larger pool of potential buyers. Many of these people can afford the house but a conventional lender will not give them a loan since the FICO below a certain level.

  2. Reduce tax burden. Pay taxes on the downpayment (only 1st year) and interest income for that tax year and subsequent years. If sell entire house with conventional financing and get cashed out then you will pay tax on the entire amount for investment property.

  3. Steady income stream which last for years.

  4. Yields are higher than putting money to work in a bank, money market, CD (certificate of disappointment), or bonds. The cash you receive upon sale is dead money and produces no income.

  5. Command a higher price since people with less than perfect credit cannot get traditional financing.

  6. Less liability versus renting home. If some trips and falls then it is not your problem…you do not own the house since you are the lender.

  7. No maintenance - buyer maintains and improves the property.

  8. Buyer’s have homeowner mentality and not rental mentality. Therefore, the house is kept up and the yard mowed.

  9. Better liquidity.

    • You can sell the entire note faster than selling property.

    • You can sell a partial note for super fast cash.

I sell many homes with seller financing and the cash flow is great, the buyers are paying the taxes, insurance, doing the maintenance and no late night calls. Plus, you can demand high interest rates, get higher prices and make someone very happy to have homeownership, tax write offs, equity build up, etc.

Watch the video that explains these benefits.

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